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Dress Your Body Type

Image of Dress for Success no matter what your size - Traveling Fashion Consultant

In this world of imperfection, there are relatively few men who have the perfect body type. We come in all shapes and sizes: Continue reading

Dressing Smart

Smart Dresser - Casual Business Attire

Dressing smart is a term that has been around for many years.

Typically it refers to:

Someone who is a well dressed
Someone who dresses appropriately for different types of occasions Continue reading


Personal Fashion

The term fashion usually applies to personal expression.

Whereas being fashionable describes whether someone fits in with current popular trends.

Fashion is more of a cultural form of communication. It can be used to denote glamour and style or it could describe fads and trends. Continue reading

Tie a Tie

How to tie the perfect tie

Are you an man that doesn’t know how to tie a tie? If so you shouldn’t be embarrassed, many men are in your situation.

Maybe you know how to tie a tie, but would like to try tying some different knots to change things up a bit. Continue reading