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The Right Shirt

Choosing the Right Shirt - Wardrobe Design

For many men, choosing the right shirt is no big deal, if it’s clean…put it on. But for men who care about their appearance, shirt choice matters, and the choice begins at the time of purchase. Continue reading

Suits Guide

Image of Guide to a Quality Suit - Wardrobe Design

What is your criteria for selecting a suit? Since the suit is an important part of a man’s wardrobe, along with how well the suit fits, quality should be at the top of your suit “must haves”.

What are the factors that distinguish an $800 suit or sport coat from one that is $1500? Continue reading

Quality Fabric

Quality Suit Fabric

Buying a suit is an investment. It’s not only an investment in an important piece of clothing, but it’s an investment in yourself, in your image and in all of the first impressions you will make while you wear it.

If you’re going to be having a suit tailor made for you, it needs be one of quality. Where does a suit’s quality begin… Continue reading

Building a Wardrobe

How Do You BuildĀ  a Great Wardrobe? Your wardrobe speaks to who you are. In a sense, it tells your story…You are a professional, you are detail oriented, you do care about your appearance and the impressions you leave behind. … Continue reading