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Mens Shirts Made to Measure

Made to Measure Shirt - Wardrobe Design

The real question is…”How good and how professional do you want to look?”

Yes, you can buy quality shirts from high end clothing stores, but their sizes aren’t as precise so the fit isn’t as precise and your appearance isn’t as professional. And the real frustration is, Continue reading

Best Dressed Man

Best Dressed Man

You see it in magazines and you hear it on the news, every year someone is named as the “World’s Best Dressed.” Whether they are Hollywood stars, politicians or well known business men, they are all eligible.

It doesn’t have to do with your work or your titles or even how much money you have (although money helps!) Continue reading

Cuffs on Pants

Should you wear cuffs on your pants?

The question of whether to wear cuffs on your pants or not has been around for years.

Many men like them and wear them, and many men don’t. So is it just a matter of preference? Continue reading