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by Ryan Meneely on Traveling Fashion Consultant
Hoffer Is The Man For Custom Clothing

Hoffer and I became friends after striking up a conversation in a bar one night. I knew what he did for a living, but I never thought I would be able to afford him. He eventually convinced me that I should try some of his clothes and I haven't looked back since.The difference between Hoffer's custom clothing and a suit that has been tailored off the rack is immeasurable. Ever since I started working with Bill, I have looked and felt better than ever in my clothes and I have been particularly impressed by their durability. I work in an industry where I have to wear suits every day and I wear my clothes hard. Hoffer's custom clothing wears better over time than anything else I've ever bought. First class service, great look, impeccable fit; great value. Bill Hoffer is the man to call for custom clothing.

by Robert Wallace on Traveling Fashion Consultant
Bill Hoffer

Bill Hoffer has been my primary supplier of suits for two decades. He delivers an excellent quality to price ratio. His fabric selections are broad and of high quality. The fit is always perfect. He isn't pushy, and while he tries (and usually fails) to get me out of my style comfort zone, he always respects my decision. Finally, the convenience of buying from my office desk rather than shopping from store to store, and the fact that he reminds me when it's time to look at something new, keep me from becoming threadbare. He's terrific.

by Mark McClure on Traveling Fashion Consultant
Dependability and Convenience

The business world keeps most executives quite busy and I am no exception. The last thing I need on my schedule is a trip to the mall. Bill makes it very convenient to take care of my clothing needs. In addition, I can depend on him to provide the best of quality and to ensure everything is completely tailored to my satisfaction. Over the years there have rarely been issues, but when there are, Bill takes care of them immediately.

Convenience, Quality and Reliability

Bill makes it easy to keep your wardrobe up to date, well stocked and fashionable. I've sent numerous people to Bill and will continue to do so.

Service and Confidence

I have worked with Bill for about 15 years.First off, he visited my home, went throught my closet and figured out what kinds of things I like. We took it from there. Perfect service, and any minor glitches (very rare) have been promptly and efficiently addressed. I rely on Bill.

by Lance Palmer on Traveling Fashion Consultant
The Perfect Fit for an Impatient Shopper

I am an impatient person who hates shopping. Retail stores usually do not stock what I want, so I settle for what they have got. Clothes never fit me without alterations, which take up time, money and repeat trips to the store. I am either beating off salespeople when I don't want their help or hunting the back rooms of the stores trying to find someone to take my money. For the past several years I have relied exclusively on Bill Hoffer for my professional clothing. He is prompt, knowledgeable, tactful and tasteful. He carries more fabrics and styles than any department store. He takes the measurements accurately and quickly, and my shopping is done as quickly as I can point out a sample and write a check. He does all the work, the clothes are top of the line, and I get to avoid the malls and spend my time doing what I do best. You can't go wrong with Bill!

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