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Great Tips to Pack for a Business Trip

Pack for Business Trip - Wardrobe DesignIf you're like many professionals, you travel frequently for your business. You may travel so much that it feels like you're constantly packing and unpacking.

This is not only a tedious process, but your clothes take a beating, and quite honestly they may look like it when you unpack at your destination.

You spend a great deal of money to have a quality wardrobe, one that will look professional and leave a good impression only to have it creased and wrinkled when you pull it out of the suitcase.

How to pack for a better experience:

It all begins by choosing the right luggage or bags for the right trip. Choosing the largest piece of luggage you can find isn't always the best may think that by giving your clothing "room to breath" would help keep them wrinkle free.

But the reality is, that's just the opposite of the truth: When your clothes are free to "roam the cabin", they do just that, each time the suitcase shifts so do your clothes, and if they stay shifted to one side or the other for a long time, they will come out wrinkled.

Whereas if your clothing is packed tightly, shifting and wrinkling will be minimized. When I say pack tight, I don't mean cramming as much as you can in your suitcase, this will cause as much wrinkling as packing too loose.

Tips to Pack By:

  • Assemble Clothes to Pack - Wardrobe DesignBegin your packing process by assembling all the clothes and other items you'd like to take.
  • Next place the heaviest items on the bottom. This includes such things as shoes (stuffed with socks) and toiletries.
  • If you're taking a suit coat or sport coat, lay it in the suitcase face down, and fold the arms to the back, leaving the bottom of the jacket hanging out over the edge.
    • You can then roll up knit items such as underwear and knit shirts, place them on the back of the jacket.
    • To pack pants, lay the first pair into the suitcase horizontally, on top of your rolled clothing, with the legs hanging out over the side. Place the next pair in at the opposite end of the bag, fold the first pair of legs in, and then the second.
    • Now carefully fold the bottom of the jacket to the inside. This is a great way of keeping your jacket from wrinkling.
  • Fill in any gaps or open spaces with such things as socks, belts and rolled ties.

With just a little planning and effort, your clothes will reach your destination in much better condition.

I am a men's clothier and have been assisting men develop their own personal and professional style for over 20 years. I'll come to your location, on your time schedule...I'll bring my tape measure and together we'll create or enhance your style.

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