Mens Shirts Made to Measure

What is the Value of Men's Shirts Made to Measure?

Made to Measure Shirt - Wardrobe DesignThe real question is..."How good and how professional do you want to look?"

Yes, you can buy quality shirts from high end clothing stores, but their sizes aren't as precise so the fit isn't as precise and your appearance isn't as professional.

The real frustration is, you're paying nearly as much for off the shelf shirts as you would be for a made to measure shirt.

You Have Choices...

When you are having a shirt made to measure you can have a shirt created exactly as you want it:

  • There are collar choices from
    • the degree of the collar spread
    • the shape of the spread
    • button down or eyelet.
  • Your cuff choices range from
    • 1-2 buttons, link or tab closures
    • the shape of the cuff can be square, rounded, or angled
    • the cuff ┬ácan be adjustable
  • Front of the shirt choices
    • Pleated
    • French
    • Sport
    • Fly
  • Custom Tailoring Shirt Pockets - Wardrobe DesignBack of the shirt styles
    • Smooth back
    • Box pleat
    • Inverted box pleat
    • 2" or 5" yoke
  • There are several style of pockets to choose from
  • You can add monograms
  • You have your choice of button styles

It's all about your Style

Having a custom shirt created just for you is a great way to enhance or create your own personal style.

As a men's clothier and fashion consultant, it is my pleasure and opportunity to help you do just that. I will come to your location, on your schedule. I'll bring my tape measure, and together we'll choose the components and fit for the perfect shirt for you.

Please enjoy this video from Skip Gambert & Associates, a great company for made to measure shirts, and then ...

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