Mens Holiday Fashion

Men's Holiday Fashion Tips

Mens Holiday Fashion - Wardrobe DesignWith the holidays right around the parties, events and galas are being planned. Invitations are addressed and have received yours.

A common lament from women is "I don't have anything to wear!"

But women aren't the only ones who are concerned about what to wear. Although they may not be as vocal as women, men are also concerned about dressing appropriately, wearing the right fashion and looking their best.

What to Wear

Most often your invitation will let you know what type of clothing will be appropriate for the festivities...the key is understanding the difference between formal, festive or any other descriptions that might be used:

  • Festive Attire- This can be a little tricky, because somewhere between casual and cocktail or black tie, you'll find festive. It could be a suit combined with an exciting tie, or even a sportcoat with an open necked shirt.
    • If you're still not certain, call your host or hostess for clarification.
  • Cocktail Party Attire - Cocktail parties held in the evening are typically a bit more formal than those held in the afternoon.
    • For an afternoon gathering you could be very comfortable wearing a nice dark suit.
    • Either a suit or a tuxedo would be appropriate for an evening event.
  • Holiday Attire - Wardrobe DesignFormal Attire - It used to be the rule that if your event was designated "formal", a tuxedo would be considered proper to wear. But today, dark suits, which are considered formal, are totally appropriate and can be paired with gray, blue or white shirts.
  • Black Tie Attire - Black tie invitations usually come one of three ways:
    • Black Tie or Black Tie Required - this means your host expects that you will wear a tuxedo.
    • Black Tie Requested or Preferred - Tuxedos are preferred, but dinner jackets or dark suits are acceptable.
    • Black Tie Optional - Your host would like a more formal event, so tuxedos are only a suggestion. A dark suit and white shirt are perfectly acceptable.

Whatever type of clothing is specified on your invitation, you'll want to dress for the occasion.

You'll want to stand out in the crowd for the right reason...because you look great, not because you have over or under dressed.

As a men's clothier and fashion consultant, it is my pleasure to assist men build a wardrobe that allows them to dress for comfort, style, the occasion and success.

I'll come to your location, on your time schedule...I'll bring my tape measure and together we'll create or enhance your style.

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