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Men and Fashion - What Not to Do

Men and Fashion - Wardrobe Design"Did you see what he was wearing?"

"Did you see how that fit him?"

"What was he thinking wearing that, doesn't he have any fashion sense?"

These are not the things you want being said about you when you enter a room or walk down the street.

If you're reading this article, then you are probably a man who cares about how you look and the impression you leave. But even the person who makes an effort to dress well can make a mistake here and there.

Avoid these fashion faux pas:

  • Avoid wearing stained clothing. It's frustrating when you get even the smallest stain on your favorite shirt, but if you wear it out in public you'll look sloppy and like you don't care about your appearance.
  • Avoid wearing too many patterns. Wearing 2  patterns is probably the most you should wear at a time; one pattern that is subdued and one that is bolder. One pattern with solid colors is usually the best and the safest.
  • Avoid wearing too many'll end up looking like a kaleidoscope. Choose 3 colors or shades of color that compliment each other at the most.
  • Avoid wearing winter clothing in summer and summer clothing in winter.
  • It's all right to dress casually, but it's not all right to go without a belt.
  • Wearing the wrong shoes with the wrong pants...
    • Slim fitting dress pants or suit suit pants call for sleeker and dressier footwear, not chunky rugged shoes
  • Don't wear your pants too long or too short. If they're too long you look sloppy and if they're too short you just look silly.
    • The hem of your jeans can touch the bottom of your shoes, while the hem of dress pants should only go to just below the top of the heel.
  • Like your pant length, your sleeve length is also important.
    • Shirt sleeves should be 1/2 inch below your wrist
    • Jacket sleeves should rest at your wrist when your arms are at your sides.
  • I'll bet most of you didn't know this, but when you're wearing a suit jacket, whether it is a 2 or 3 button jacket, the bottom button should never be buttoned. When it is, your jacket won't move correctly when you do.
  • Mens Fashion Mistakes - Wardrobe DesignDon't wear light socks with dark pants. Your socks should be darker than your pants.
  • Heavier men should avoid wearing pleated pants, they only emphasize the extra weight.
  • Sport socks belong in the gum, not with dress slacks.
  • Avoid tying your tie too short or too long, it should touch the top of your belt buckle

Your personal fashion statement

Some of these faux pas are pretty basic, but men make them all the time.

How you look makes a speaks to who you are and what people can expect from you.

As a men's clothier and fashion consultant, it is my pleasure to assist men build a wardrobe that allows them to dress for comfort, style, the occasion and success.

I'll come to your location, on your time schedule...I'll bring my tape measure and together we'll create or enhance your style. Don't risk leaving a negative first impression by making these fashion faux pas.

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