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Building a Wardrobe

How Do You BuildĀ  a Great Wardrobe? Your wardrobe speaks to who you are. In a sense, it tells your story…You are a professional, you are detail oriented, you do care about your appearance and the impressions you leave behind. … Continue reading

Suit Material

King Louis started wearing suits

Men have been wearing suits since King Louis XIV during the 16th century. They also wore wigs, long coats, trousers and hats.

Fortunately the trend for wearing wigs has died off and we are left with today’s men’s suits. Continue reading


A men's clothier can save you the time of shopping

The simple answer is: You want your clothing to fit correctly. You want quality crafted clothing. You want to look good!

OK men, how many of you like to go shopping for a suit? Continue reading


Personal Fashion

The term fashion usually applies to personal expression.

Whereas being fashionable describes whether someone fits in with current popular trends.

Fashion is more of a cultural form of communication. It can be used to denote glamour and style or it could describe fads and trends. Continue reading