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What is Business Casual Attire?

Business Casual - Wardrobe DesignLet me just start off by casual is not the way to dress if you're interviewing for a new job. If you want the job, dress in your best professional attire, once you have secured the position you're applying for you can change to whatever is appropriate at your new workplace.

So what is business casual? Many people aren't quite sure what that means you can wear or not wear while on the job. Can you wear jeans or must you still wear a white dress shirt?

Defining Business Casual:

The idea behind this dress code is to help employees feel more comfortable while at work and also to give them a bit of freedom and expression in what they wear.

That being said, it's not an open invitation to wear jeans, tennis shoes and a bright floral shirt. In spite of the word casual, there are still some rules that should be observed.

Starting at the bottom and working our way up:

  • Footwear - Canvas or sport shoes are not appropriate. Choose leather dress shoes; they can be slip-ons or lace-ups, and should be worn with dress socks.
  • Slacks - Wear pants that fit correctly (not baggy, sloppy or too tight). Choose dress pants, khakis, or corduroys in dark colors such as brown, grey, navy blue, green or black. Avoid wearing white, bright colors or "camo" pants.
  • Assemble Clothes to Pack - Wardrobe DesignShirts - The shirts you wear should have collars and should be worn tucked in. Wearing a tie is not necessary, but wearing an appropriate belt is. Stick to more formal fabrics such as cotton or cotton blends. Colors and conservative patterns such as plaid, or herringbone are acceptable, whereas brightly colored floral or flashy patterned shirts are not. Often times, golf shirts and polo shirts are okay to wear.
  • Optional - Jackets, V-neck sweaters and sweater vests are nice additions. A turtleneck shirt pairs nicely with all three of these.

Overall, you should look clean and "well-pressed", you never know who you will end up meeting with during the day. Keep this in mind: It's always better to be a little overdressed than a little under-dressed.

As a men's clothier and fashion consultant, it is my pleasure and opportunity to help you dress well and look your best. I will come to your location, on your schedule. I'll bring my tape measure, and together we'll choose the the right clothes for your lifestyle.

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