Company Background: Wardrobe Design is the sole proprietorship of Bill Hoffer. Bill began his career in the custom clothing business back in 1989 in Dallas, Texas with a national company. The first five years he learned the craft and built a clientele before moving to Seattle to open up a new office for that $400 Million Company.

Bill Hoffer - Traveling Fashion ConsultantFor the next eight years, he built a successful office with ten people. The Seattle office was in the top ten, company-wide, in profits by the time Bill decided to get out of corporate life.

In Feb. 2002, Bill decided to get back to basics and add more balance to his life. He started Wardrobe Design, and never looked back, enjoying more time with clients and being more involved in the community.

After several years of transitioning into a space where he could create a better vision of what he wanted his future to look like, Bill is removing the boundary of Washington State to serve clients from all over the U. S.

Summary of Business Strategy: Wardrobe Design is, by nature, a relationship business accelerated by satisfied clients who are more than happy to refer new contacts our way.

Strategic partnerships and referral communities are important. Bill is available nationwide for speaking engagements to professional groups or associations about “Image and First Impressions”.

Bill is an expert in his field and would like to be YOUR fashion consultant.