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How Does Your Wardrobe Affect Your Image?

Wardrobe affects your imageTo strangers and others around you, your wardrobe speaks volumes about you.

The image that appears in their minds when they hear your name is a direct reflection of how you dress, which is a direct reflection of who you are.

  • If you are fastidious in your dress, your image is that you are probably just as fastidious in your work.
  • If your wardrobe is more casual and doesn't have that "well-pressed" look about it, the image of your professionalism is assumed to be the same.
  • If your wardrobe is bold and bright, your image is that you're probably very outgoing and gregarious.

One of my favorite authors, James L. Bradford - "Investment Dressing - A Blueprint for Success" said:

"Successful people didn't start dressing well after they were promoted. On the contrary, they dressed that way as they achieved success."

The nice thing about a well-planned wardrobe is that not only does it create an image in the eye of someone else, but it creates and re-enforces your own image of yourself.

What a self confidence builder your wardrobe can be!

James Bradford tells this story about himself in his book:

Image builds self confidenceI was a recent college graduate when I had a job interview with a well respected American marketing firm. I was nervous as I anticipated the interview that was to come later that spring morning.

But as I dressed, putting on my shirt, tying my shoe laces, then tightening my necktie, I looked into the mirror and felt better.

My shirt was crisply pressed and fit nicely, and my tie matched impeccably. 'Jim, you look good,'  I said to myself.

As I slipped on my jacket, I had a rush of confidence and pride, and thought, 'I'm a diamond in the rough. If this guy doesn't hire me, it's because he doesn't understand quality.'

I got the job. I looked good and must have said something that made a good impression. I still remember, though, how my confidence that day soared because of the way I appeared - in short, because of my clothing."

Take pride in yourself

It will show in your clothing and be reflected in your image.

As a men's clothier, my biggest goal and greatest pleasure is developing a personal relationship with my clients and helping them build and maintain a wardrobe that will leave a great image in the mind of whoever they meet.

I keep it simple and save you time by coming to you, on your schedule, making it more convenient.

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