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What is the Trick to Choosing the Right Color Tie?

Necktie choicesIt's amazing what the colors we choose to wear or surround ourselves with say about us. It's also amazing how color affects our attitudes and outlooks.

It's no wonder that color choices, even in our accessories - ties - are so important.

Color is a great communicator.

  • Color expresses our mood.
  • Tells us we can stop and go.
  • Makes us feel cheerful or sad.
  • Stimulates our appetites.
  • Symbolizes power and authority.

Necktie color meanings:

Man in red tieRed Ties - Red being a power color denotes strength, confidence, wealth and passion. It can also be a symbol of victory, and in some cultures it's a symbol of good luck. Red ties are great with gray or blue.

Black Ties - These are considered very formal - hence the phrase "black tie" event. They are traditionally only worn after 6:00 p.m. But that applies to solid black ties only, patterned black ties can be worn for many other occasions.

Man in Blue TieBlue Ties - Blue is a calming color and typically denotes masculinity. It exhibits a quiet, peaceful authority. One that doesn't need to be loud, but is definitely in charge. Light blues are refreshing to look at and look great with light gray suits. Whereas a darker blue tie gives a sharp, crisp appearance.

Green Ties - What is the first thing a business man thinks of when he hears the word green - money. Making this a great color of tie to wear with a business suit. Going right along with that it also signifies lushness and prosperity. A solid green tie would look great with a deep red and white pinstripe shirt.

Multi Colored TiesMulticolored Ties - For someone who wants to stand out and have a bolder look, multicolored ties would be the choice. These ties look especially sharp when paired with a solid colored shirt.

If you're choosing your tie to make a statement, keep in mind that a solid color, rather than one where the color is broken up with a stripe or pattern will make your statement stronger.

Because the color of your tie says so much, it is important to choose it carefully and choose it for the occasion. It matters what you choose if you're going for a job interview, a power meeting, a wedding or a funeral.

Looking your best is not an accident. It takes understanding and careful planning. Don't let poor wardrobe choices hold you back.

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**originally published 5/12/11



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