Tie a Tie

How to Tie the Perfect Tie

How to tie the perfect tieAre you an man that doesn't know how to tie a tie? If so you shouldn't be embarrassed, many men are in your situation.

Maybe you know how to tie a tie, but would like to try tying some different knots to change things up a bit.

Whichever category you fit into, I have some help for you.

Before learning how to tie your tie, you need to know how to select a tie that will not only knot well, but will lay well.

Choosing a good tie

  • Choose quality necktiesWhen tie shopping, try the tie on and tie it. This is the only way you will know how well it knots, and what it will look like.
  • Choose tie fabrics of either silk or polyester and silk, for quality.
    • If the silk feels rough rather than smooth, it is inferior in quality.
  • The lining is what gives the tie its body, so make sure it is lined with somewhat stiff fabric.
  • If you are purchasing a tie for a suit you already own, take the suit with you to make sure the tie is a good match.
  • Check the tie for flaws such as irregular weaves or loose threads.
  • The fabric of a high quality tie is cut on the bias, or the diagonal, which allows the tie to fall straight and lay flat.


Enjoy this video that demonstrates 4 ways you can tie a tie.

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