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Should You Invest in a Vest?

Businessman in a vestA man's vest, or waistcoat as it is often referred to, has been around for several hundred years.

Some historians will tell you that it began with King Edward VIII, and since that time, English Kings wore vests with six buttons.

Reasons to wear a vest:

  • Warmth
  • Style
  • Extra pockets, many of the older vests had 4 pockets, whereas most of the vests of today only have two.
  • Versatility - not only can the wearer remove his jacket and stay somewhat warm, but he can remain looking a bit formal while being more comfortable.
  • The design of some vests give the illusion that the person wearing it has longer legs, thus making him appear taller.

Although they have been worn off and on since their inception, their popularity died off after the 1970s, but they have resurfaced in today's fashion with a longer look, which gives the torso a lengthened appearance.

How should a vest be worn?

  • Vests can be worn in all kinds of situations from very casual, a sweater vest without a jacket to very formal, being worn under a formal suit or tuxedo.Formal Vest
  • They come in a variety of styles
    • Double breasted
    • With or without lapels
    • Anywhere from 3 - 6 buttons
  • They can be made of  various fabrics from heavy fabrics for warmth, to finer fabrics for dressier occasions to sweater fabric for casual wear.

How should a vest fit?

  • A vest should fit snugly, but not tight.
  • It should appear comfortable and relaxed.
  • It should cover the top of the pants and belt, not showing any of the shirt.
  • It is acceptable to button all but the bottom button on a single breasted, 6 button vest.
  • A vest should probably not be worn under a double breasted jacket.
  • The vest should never show more than just above the collar of a jacket, and should not be cut so high that it hides the tie.

Should you have a vest in your wardrobe?

The vest is a classic and timeless piece of clothing that can enhance your wardrobe as well as your image. Although, like so many other pieces of clothing, its style has changed and probably will continue to change, but will always have a place in the wardrobe of a well dressed man.

As a Men's Clothier I have helped many men create tailored, fashionable and sophisticated wardrobes that leave good and lasting impressions.

I have over two decades experience in the fashion industry,  and I would enjoy giving you a free consultation.

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