The Tuxedo

Should You Own a Tuxedo?

A Tuxedo is formal clothingWearing a tuxedo gives a man "attitude."

You may not even recognize it, but the minute you put a tuxedo on, you change. You change how you feel about yourself, how you carry yourself, how you present yourself and how you behave.

"In a tuxedo, I'm a star" ~ Dean Martin

I would assume that's how most men feel when they dress in the formal of formal clothing - the tuxedo.

A tuxedo includes the following items:

  • Dinner Jacket and Slacks
  • Dress Shirt and Tie or Bow Tie - shirts may be pleated or ruffled
  • A Cummerbund and sometimes a vest
  • Formal Dress shoes - possibly patent-leather

Beginning of the tuxedo

For many years, as far back as the 1800s, the idea of dressing up after dark, or dressing for dinner was very common. Most gentlemen of that day, when putting on their finest, wore a white tie and tails.

In 1886, Pierre Lorillardo, a wealthy tobacco magnate and a member of high society owned property in Tuxedo Park  NY. In that year there was a formal ball, the Autumn Ball, held at the Tuxedo Club.

Not wanting to dress in white tie and tails, Pierre commissioned something less formal to be made. Although several coats, black without tails, were designed and made, when the night of the ball arrived, he didn't wear any of them.

Pierre had a son named Griswold, who was a bit more daring, and he and his friends wore the new creations, and the new idea caught on.

When should tuxedos be worn?

  • To the ballet, the opera or the symphony
  • When an invitation states Formal or Black Tie
  • To a formal dinner party or reception
  • To a ball or a formal danceTuxedos can be worn to prom

Many young men get their first opportunity to wear a tuxedo when they attend school proms. Probably their next opportunity is on their wedding day.

Usually when attending a wedding most of the focus is on the bride and her beautiful dress, and people forget how dashing the groom looks in his tuxedo.

One young man on his wedding day, totally neglected to tell his bride how beautiful she looked, but was often heard to say "I can't get over how good I look in this tuxedo!"

Tuxedo Tips:

  • Learn to tie a bow tie - don't rely on clip ons.
  • Adding a vest to your tuxedo will also add style and personality.
  • Wear the cummerbund with the pleats up. They were originally styled this way to catch the crumbs.
  • Wear patent-leather shoes. Regular leather looks good, but patent-leather looks great!
  • Accessorize with classy cufflinks and studs.

In the above two situations, proms and weddings, the tuxedos are usually rented and returned, not becoming part of the young man's wardrobe.

But if you are an executive or a professional who has several opportunities to wear a tuxedo, you should own your own. You should be measured and fitted to ensure that this very formal attire is just right for you. Your tuxedo, like your other clothing should reflect your taste, style and personality.

As a Men's Clothier I have helped many men create tailored, fashionable and sophisticated wardrobes that leave good and lasting impressions.

I have over two decades experience in the fashion industry,  and I would enjoy giving you a free consultation.

Give me a call for a free consultation, I'll come to you on your time schedule.

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