The Necktie

Noose or Necktie?

Noose or NecktieMany men today do everything in their power to avoid wearing neckties.  But the fact of the matter is, a well-chosen tie, worn appropriately, can and does make a lasting impression.

Your choice of neckties can set you apart. It is one fashion accessory that can help determine your style or your personal style or brand.

Where the necktie began:

Neckties have been around for hundreds of years, first seen embellishing the uniforms of victorious Croatian soldiers in the 17th century.

King Louis XIV of France, after having seen them on the soldiers,  really like the look and began wearing them himself, which made them popular and the name cravat was adopted. (the name is derived from" Croat").

In 1924 an American tailor named Jessie Langsdorf created and patented the more modern version of the accessory with its unique on the bias cut. It wasn't long until a man wasn't considered totally dressed unless he had his tie on.

As the years have gone on and the workforce has become somewhat more casual, the necktie seems to have lost some popularity. Nevertheless, formal attire and business professional attire dictate the use of a necktie.

Ties have gone through many changes, from skinny to wide and then back again. You can choose them from a variety of colors, patterns  and fabrics.

How to choose a tie:

Remember, your tie might well be the first thing that people notice about you. You want it to be tasteful and appropriate. It Choose the right necktieshould be a well-thought out accessory that is representative of you. Your tie choices can be how you express your individuality and personality.

  • The color of your tie should coordinate with the other clothing you are wearing.
  • Patterned ties are better with plain shirts and plain ties can be worn with plain or patterned shirts.
  • Typically ties should be lighter than the jacket, but darker than the shirt.
  • Fabric choice is important:
    • Good fabric choices are cotton, polyester, silk or wool.
    • If the fabric of the tie is too thick, it makes the knot bulky.
    • The fabric needs to be strong enough to tie a good knot.
    • Silk ties are perfect for more professional or formal events.
  • Themed ties that are whimsical and feature comic characters or branded logos should not be worn to the office or any other professional setting.
  • Never wear a stained, wrinkled or snagged tie.

Our next article will be how to tie a tie correctly and color choices and what they mean.

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**originally published 5/9/11



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