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Change Your Look

Change Your Look - Wardrobe Design

Whether you like it or not, how you look matters and can effect your life. We would all like to think that we will be judged and valued on our personality, intelligence, creativity, integrity and other positive character traits, but that’s often not the case. Continue reading

Dress to Impress

Image of This bold T-shirt won't help you dress for success - Wardrobe Design

There is such versatility in fashion these days that it’s so much easier for people to express themselves through their clothing, which I think also makes it so much easier to say: “I’ll dress how I want, the only person I need to impress is myself, people should judge me for who I am and not what I wear.” Continue reading

Your Clothing Style

People often judge us by the clothing we wear - Wardrobe Design

“People do judge a book by its cover” ~ John T. Malloy

You can relate to that. You’ve gone into a bookstore looking for a book or a magazine, and if the cover isn’t interesting, you more than likely move on to something else. Continue reading

Wardrobe Image

Wardrobe affects your image

To strangers and others around you, your wardrobe speaks volumes about you.

The image that appears in their minds when they hear your name is a direct reflection of how you dress, which is a direct reflection of who you are. Continue reading