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Formal Attire

A Bow Tie is part of formal clothing

This is a question asked by many men when invited to an event.

There are times when the invitation clearly states what the dress attire or dress code will be. But even then there may be questions, an explanation would be helpful. Continue reading

Tie Color

Necktie choices

It’s amazing what the colors we choose to wear or surround ourselves with say about us. It’s also amazing how color affects our attitudes and outlooks.

It’s no wonder that color choices, even in our accessories – ties – are so important. Continue reading

The Necktie

Noose or Necktie

Many men today do everything in their power to avoid wearing neckties. But the fact of the matter is, a well-chosen tie, worn appropriately, can and does make a lasting impression.

Your choice of neckties can set you apart. It is one fashion accessory that can help determine your style or your personal style or brand. Continue reading

Build Your Style

Are you building your personal style?

Who are you?

What do you enjoy?

What do you do?

Who are your heroes?

Where do you like to go? Continue reading