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Mens Holiday Fashion

Mens Holiday Fashion - Wardrobe Design

With the holidays right around the corner…holiday parties, events and galas are being planned. Invitations are addressed and mailed…you have received yours.
What will you wear? Continue reading

The Vest

Businessman in a vest

A man’s vest, or waistcoat as it is often referred to, has been around for several hundred years.

Some historians will tell you that it began with King Edward VIII, and since that time, English Kings wore vests with six buttons. Continue reading

The Tuxedo

A Tuxedo is formal clothing

Wearing a tuxedo gives a man “attitude.”

You may not even recognize it, but the minute you put a tuxedo on, you change. You change how you feel about yourself, how you carry yourself, how you present yourself and how you behave.

“In a tuxedo, I’m a star” ~ Dean Martin Continue reading

Mens Fashion Style

Choosing the Right Belt for a Man’s Fashion Style You probably never thought that such a simple thing asĀ  men’s belts could impact your fashion style, but they really do. Your fashion style is made up of every article of … Continue reading