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Business Casual

Business Casual - Wardrobe Design

Let me just start off by saying…business casual is not the way to dress if you’re interviewing for a new job. If you want the job, dress in your best professional attire, once you have secured the position you’re applying for you can change to whatever is appropriate at your new workplace.

So what is business casual? Continue reading

The Right Shirt

Choosing the Right Shirt - Wardrobe Design

For many men, choosing the right shirt is no big deal, if it’s clean…put it on. But for men who care about their appearance, shirt choice matters, and the choice begins at the time of purchase. Continue reading

Dress to Impress

Image of This bold T-shirt won't help you dress for success - Wardrobe Design

There is such versatility in fashion these days that it’s so much easier for people to express themselves through their clothing, which I think also makes it so much easier to say: “I’ll dress how I want, the only person I need to impress is myself, people should judge me for who I am and not what I wear.” Continue reading

Dress Your Body Type

Image of Dress for Success no matter what your size - Traveling Fashion Consultant

In this world of imperfection, there are relatively few men who have the perfect body type. We come in all shapes and sizes: Continue reading