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Quality Mans Shoes

Image of Allen Edmonds Quality Shoes - Wardrobe Design

It’s hard to believe, that as important as shoes are for safety and comfort, they are considered an accessory. But that’s what they are when it comes to our wardrobe. And as an accessory, shoes need to compliment the rest of the clothing we are wearing. Continue reading

Wardrobe Planning

A Check List can help with your wardrobe plan

“Your wardrobe should be carefully planned to give you the most flattering appearance” ~ James L. Bradford

You probably think that when I ask about your wardrobe plan that I am asking about your plan to build a wardrobe. Well, not this time. This time, I am wondering if you take the time to plan what you will be wearing the next week. Continue reading

Tie Color

Necktie choices

It’s amazing what the colors we choose to wear or surround ourselves with say about us. It’s also amazing how color affects our attitudes and outlooks.

It’s no wonder that color choices, even in our accessories – ties – are so important. Continue reading


Personal Fashion

The term fashion usually applies to personal expression.

Whereas being fashionable describes whether someone fits in with current popular trends.

Fashion is more of a cultural form of communication. It can be used to denote glamour and style or it could describe fads and trends. Continue reading