Bill Hoffer - Traveling Fashion ConsultantA Unique Shopping Experience

Wardrobe Design is a unique and personal experience in shopping, for men, and some women, who enjoy the finer tastes and selection in clothing.

Why would someone prefer this alternative to traditional retail store?

Most men detest the thought of going shopping; don’t have the time for it; don’t know much, if anything, about what they need; get frustrated because of the fit issues; feel the selection in their size is not adequate; and, don’t feel comfortable with pushy salespeople.

Long-term Relationships with clients

Nothing takes the place of consistency in fit, quality and selection.

Anything you would expect to find in the better clothing stores, we offer to our clients in the convenience of their home or office. We go to them on their schedule, and save them time.

By staying on top of fashion trends and fabric care, we educate our clients so that they maximize their investment over the long haul. Wardrobe Design is custom-made clothing at its’ finest.