Quality vs Quantity

Does Your Closet Contain Quality or Quantity?

Closet for a quality wardrobe - AAA KARTAKIt's an age old question, do you choose quality or quantity when it comes to your wardrobe?

There are definitely different schools of thought on this topic:

  • Quantity: Because the clothes cost less, you can afford to buy more and have a greater variety to choose from.
  • Quality: It is usually apparent when someone is wearing quality clothes, they fit better, they look better and they usually wear better.

Your clothing helps set your brand

In the business world today, your brand is extremely important.

We used to think of branding as something that was done to cattle or other livestock. Placing a mark on them that would remain and would not only denote, but prove ownership.

Today when we talk of branding, we are usually speaking of a business or an individual's brand. A virtual mark that sets you apart from everyone else, something that you are remembered for and identified with. If branded correctly, you will be identified with quality and dependability.

Your wardrobe can help you build that brand

A quality wardrobe usually sends the instant message that you invest in your most important asset - yourself.

Although quality clothing is typically more expensive, it isn't just about the cost, it's about the fit, the fabric and the workmanship.

Signs of quality:

  • Suit coat or Jacket :
    • SuitThe jacket lapels should lay perfectly flat
    • If there is a pattern in the fabric, it should match up perfectly at the seams
    • It should have quality buttons
    • The pockets should be lined
    • There should be hand stitching at the stress points such as the collar and sleeves
    • Full length lining
  • Tie:
    • Lined with wool or linen to enable easy and smooth knotting
    • It should have a bar tack, to keep the ends of the tie from separating
    • If it is hemmed by hand, it will have the best shape
    • Silk ties should be smooth and made of three pieces of fabric. A lesser tie is made of only two
  • Shirt:
    • Stitching down the front placket will be fine and fairly close together, about 14 stitches per inch
    • The collar should be evenly stitched around the edges to ensure it retains it shape
    • The buttons should be cross-stitched
    • The sleeves should have enough blousiness so that where it joins the cuff it can be gathered into pleats rather than tapered
  • Shoes:
    • Choose leather, preferably with a smooth finish
    • The soles should be leather, tanned and flexible
    • Look for shoes that are stitched, not glued

If you are building a quality wardrobe that will also build your quality brand, I can help.

As a Men's Fashion Consultant and Clothier, I can advise you on the correct clothing for your body type. Together we can build a quality wardrobe for a quality impression.

For custom clothing, I will come to your location, take your measurements and together choose fabrics and style.

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