Quality Mans Shoes

What Makes a Quality Man's Shoe?

Image of Allen Edmonds Quality Shoes - Wardrobe DesignIt's hard to believe, that as important as shoes are for safety and comfort, they are considered an accessory. But that's what they are when it comes to our wardrobe. And as an accessory, shoes need to compliment the rest of the clothing we are wearing.

While teenagers may think it's "cool" to wear tennis shoes with a tuxedo, executives and professionals know it's not!

Executives and professionals also understand why it's important to wear quality shoes, shoes that will not only give comfort and support, but will also last for a long time, put the finishing touch on your wardrobe and help define your personal style.

Shoes in history

Shoes have come a long way since people began wearing them thousands of years ago, when they were nothing more than a type of sac which protected the wearer from dangerous objects on the ground. Over the years, the shoe has evolved into a fashion statement and for some a status symbol.

As a Men's Clothier I have helped many men create tailored, fashionable and sophisticated wardrobes that leave good and lasting impressions.

For fine men's shoes, I recommend Allen Edmonds Shoes, a company that subscribes to the idea that creating a quality shoe is more of an art form rather than mass manufacturing. Their workers are skilled at creating shoes without guides and working by touch.

Enjoy this brief video which demonstrates how quality shoes are made.

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