Proper Fit

It's Your Size, Why Doesn't it Look Right?

Clothes should be the proper fitBuying clothing right off the rack, "in your size", can be a bit risky.

Clothing sizes in the store are "general" measurements, and since most men don't have "general" bodies, that can sometimes be a problem.  For example, a shirt size could be a 15 neck and a 33 sleeve, but your neck might be 15 (that works), but your arm length might only be 30 (that doesn't work so well).

The other problem with buying clothing off the rack is that in many stores, the sales people are really just cashiers, they really aren't trained in proper fit and are more concerned about "ringing you up".

"The Unsuspecting Customer"

There's a story told among clothing salesmen and executives about an unsuspecting customer who enters a men's shop to buy a suit on sale.

He tries on a beautiful blue suit that obviously is too large, but the salesman, rushing to make a sale to another customer doesn't want to take time to measure the man for the necessary alterations.

The salesman tells the customer to hold his arm out to his side, so that the sleeve appears to fit. So, the man stands with his arms at an uncomfortable angle.

"But aren't the pants too long?" the customer complains.

"Here, bend your knees and it will take care of that," the salesman says and hands him a bill.

Proper fitting wardrobeThe unfortunate customer walked out of the store, his body still twisted to keep the suit fitting properly.

On the street, two women passed him and one said, "What is wrong with that poor man?"

"I don't know", the other added, "but doesn't his suit fit beautifully?"  ~ James L. Bradford, Investment Dressing

Although this story is funny, and a bit exaggerated, it does point out that you not only look better, but you feel better in clothing that fits properly. No matter how much money you may have spent on a suit or another piece of clothing, if they don't fit correctly, they will look cheap, and you will look unprofessional.

As a business executive, one of the best things you can do for your business image is to use the services of a men's clothier, someone who will ensure you have the proper fit for your entire wardrobe.


As a Custom Clothier and men's fashion consultant, developing a personal relationship with each client is something that I take very seriously.

I will come to you on your time schedule, take accurate measurements for quality, perfect fitting clothes that you will be proud to wear.

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