Professional Business Attire

What does Your Business Attire Say About You?

Cuff Links add to the overall look of your attireIf you are a business professional, you should ask yourself that question everyday.

The clothing you wear makes a statement.

You are the message.

Ask yourself: Is that message exuding professionalism and performance or mediocrity and lack of focus?

I have dressed clients for numerous occasions and style needs. Most are busy executives who don't understand that it’s possible to look professional, be comfortable and maintain their own personal style.

When consulting with clients, I see a lot of very smart people making the same mistakes when it comes to their image. These include wearing too many similar looks and buying clothes that don’t fit well.

It is really difficult to pull together a solid look. Don’t get discouraged. The most important thing is to keep trying to learn who you are, and what image you want to portray.

Suggestions for a great image:

To help you on your journey to understanding how fashion can work for you, I suggest:

  • Wear a variety of colors.
    • Opening your wardrobe horizons to other color palettes, even subtly, gives you the ability to say more about yourself with your look. The colors you wear make a direct statement about who you are.
  • Accent colors can convey a cheerful personality and attitude.
    • If you always wear dark colors, like black or charcoal, people might think you’re overly serious. A more comfortable and relaxed attitude will come from someone wearing earth tones.
    • It's also important to wear colors that work well with your personal skin tone.
  • Accessorize.
    • Accessories are the easiest way to personalize a look.
    • The right accessories can help make any outfit sophisticated and elegant.
    • I like to suggest cuff links and pocket squares.
    • Try a variety of different accessories to see which ones work best for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks.
    • I see this time and again, people not letting themselves wear a style or color they like because they think, for some reason, they can’t wear it. While there will always be certain clothes that look better on certain people, you will never know what best suits you until you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.
  • Seek professional help. Hire a professional to help build your wardrobe - Wardrobe Design
    • That suit you bought off the rack at a department store might have looked good on the mannequin or the hanger, but that doesn’t mean it will look good on you.
  • Size is only the first part of the fit equation.
    • Because everyone’s body is different, it is important to get clothes fitted and altered. Doing this ensures that you will look and feel your best in what you wear whether it’s to the office, a corporate meeting, or a night on the town.
  • In addition, working with a professional fashion consultant before you buy clothes will help ensure the outfits you fill your closet with best represent the image you want to convey.

Let me open up the world of fashion for you. I will come to your location on your schedule.

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**originally published 4/25/11

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Bill believes that nothing takes the place of consistency in fit, quality and selection, all of which helps create that important first impression. Don't leave your image to chance...Connect with Bill on Google+
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