Personal Appearance

Is Appearance Important?

Mens Persoanal AppearanceThe word appearance is used in several contexts. Did he make an appearance? There was an appearance of strange lights in the sky.  We need to keep up appearances. He has the personal appearance of being confident and successful.

We're going to talk about personal appearance and it is important - it matters.

No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, our personal appearance plays a big part in our lives, how we feel about ourselves and how other people perceive us.

Maybe it doesn't seem quite right that others judge us by our appearance, but they do, it happens all the time.

People used to take their appearance much more serious

The proper man never left the house without his hatIt used to be that a man wouldn't leave the house without a hat, and a lady wouldn't leave the house without gloves. The proper wardrobe was an important part of life.

Today, fashion has become much more relaxed, maybe too relaxed at times. And people have a tendency to forget they are still being judged on their appearance.

A good personal appearance is not just about vanity

  • How we look, is often how we feel. If we are dressed well, we usually feel good about ourselves and project an image of self confidence and well being. Just the opposite also applies, if we are dressed poorly or inappropriately it shows in our behavior.
  • Well dressed people look successful and attract other successful people.
  • Dressing appropriately helps us act appropriately.
    • There is an organization that holds youth dances, and has a specific dress code for the kids who want to attend. The thinking is that if they are dressed well, they will be more inclined to act the way they are dressed.
  • What you say and who you are should be more important than what you are wearing. But if your attire is distracting, your words can't be heard.

Persona lAppearanceThe professional executive of today cannot afford  to look any less than professional.

Good self presentation is important to your continued success. It doesn't mean that you are vain, but rather you are aware and respectful of the impressions you leave with those around you.

As a Men's Fashion Consultant and Custom Clothier, I enjoy working with men who care about their appearance and agree that first impressions are important.

I can help you build or enhance your wardrobe. I will come to your location on your schedule, and together we will choose the right fabric and style for you. This is shopping at its most convenient and efficient.

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