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Do Men Pay Attention to Their Socks?

SocksSock - is a funny word. You seldom see them, because they are hidden beneath pant legs. In the whole scheme of fashion do men's socks really matter?

The answer to that is yes!

Aside from being a wardrobe essential, they are also essential to our comfort as they keep our feet from rubbing in our shoes and wick the perspiration away from our feet.

Believe it or not, men's socks are an important part of their wardrobe. Although it's true that you don't see them very often, and they seem like a small detail, when they are visible they can make or break a good looking impression.

Once again, first impressions are the lasting ones, and you have to ask yourself, if my holey socks are noticed, what impression did I just leave?

Your socks are noticed when...

  • You're sitting down and crossing your legs.
  • You have entered someone's home and they request you remove your shoes.

If you think about it, your socks could be considered a finishing touch to your outfit, it either looks finished or it doesn't.

Obviously some common sense rules would be, no holes, no stains and your socks need to match each other.

Types of socks :

  • Dress Socks - Usually intended to wear with suits or casual clothing.
    • The length of a dress sock is at least mid calf high. Knee length socks are also appropriate but are not as easily found.
    • These socks are usually lighter weight, often made of silk or cashmere.
    • If the suit or outfit is of a thicker nature, the socks should increase in thickness as well, so they balance the overall look, a woolen sock might be a better choice.
  • Athletic Socks - Dress for the sport.
    • Athletic socks are often cut below or just above the ankle, and should never be worn with a suit or casual clothing.
    • These are typically cotton socks which not only increase comfort, but allow the feet to breathe and are great for moving moisture away from the feet.

Argyle SocksA safe rule of thumb in choosing socks for an outfit:

  • Your socks should match your pants, not your shoes.
  • Your socks should never be lighter than your pants.
  • If you enjoy wearing patterned socks, they shouldn't be worn with a patterned suit.

Although socks are wardrobe essentials, they can almost be considered an accessory and enhance your overall look.

As a custom men's clothier and a fashion consultant, I can help you create a professional wardrobe for a professional impression.

I will come to your location, bring fabric samples, take your measurements and bring your finished garment back to you.  I can even help you choose the right socks.

Contact me for a free consultation

**originally published 6/3/11

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