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Fashion Tips for the Short Man

Men's Fashion for Short MenIf you're a man under 5'9", you are considered not tall. Basketball probably wasn't your best sport and you may have wondered if men's fashions were designed with you in mind. Most clothing items that you purchased never fit right.

You may have always felt that taller men stood out more in a crowd, giving them the illusion of being a greater and more powerful leader and their clothes fit better.

A person's height doesn't determine his success in life, consider such short giants as: Napoleon, Mario Andretti, Tom Cruise, Gandhi or Martin Luther King. Success is in your mind and in your personal image. They are the things that leave behind a lasting impression of who you are.

Choosing the correct wardrobe for your body size will build your confidence and your image. Your goal is to have a taller, sleeker look that will fit and flatter.

Tips to streamline and lengthen your look

  • Choosing Color
    • Choose colors that are consistent from top to bottom. Contrasting colors seem to divide your look into sections, accentuating you shortness.
    • Colors that are similar tones keep the eye traveling vertically and lengthening your image.
    • When you wear different shades of the same color, be sure the darkest of the colors are towards your bottom half. Again, this keep the eye traveling upward.
  • Wear Vertical Patterns
    • Clothing with narrow vertical stripes are slenderizing, making you look taller.
    • Stripes that travel horizontally accentuate width (even if you're not wide), and because you are shorter tend to give a "boxy" look.
  • Choosing Pants
    • Your pants should fall just past your ankles and have one break at the top of your shoes.
    • Two or more breaks not only look sloppy but they are actually too long.
    • Avoid wearing pants with cuffs, they give the appearance of shorter legs.
  • Choose Clothes That Fit Well
    • Avoid loose baggy clothing that emphasize your smaller frame.
    • Be sure your clothing fits correctly - sleeves that are too long and shoulders that are too wide make you look like you're wearing "big boy" clothes.
  • Colorful NecktiesAccessories
    • Your ties should be on the slimmer side, once again lengthening your image.
    • Feel free to use brightly colored ties or pocket squares. Because these are worn higher on your body they draw the eye upward.


As a Men's Fashion Consultant and Clothier, I can advise you on the correct clothing for your body type. I will help you take the guesswork out of what to wear and what not to wear.

For custom clothing, I will come to your location, take your measurements and together choose fabrics and style. I can make your "shopping experience" much more enjoyable. When your garments are completed I will deliver them to you.

Call me for a time that's convenient for you. 206-571-6687


5 Star RatingThe Ease of Shopping

May 10, 2011 by John Hatton

Over the past several years, Bill has provided terrific service and quality clothing.He makes the shopping experience so easy and efficient, that shopping at a retail store is rarely an option.I highly recommend Bill for all of your quality clothing needs.

**originally published 6/9/11

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Bill believes that nothing takes the place of consistency in fit, quality and selection, all of which helps create that important first impression. Don't leave your image to chance...Connect with Bill on Google+
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