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Choosing the Right Belt for a Man's Fashion Style

Belts accent a mans fashion styleYou probably never thought that such a simple thing as  men's belts could impact your fashion style, but they really do.

Your fashion style is made up of every article of clothing that you own and every accessory that you use. Combined, these things all speak to who you are and how you conduct your life.

Oftentimes made of leather or heavy cloth, belts are straps worn around the waist, and have been around for a very long time, holding up our pants.

Many of us wish that some of the younger men of our day would wear belts to keep their pants from sagging on the ground.

Believe it or not, belts have do's and don'ts

  • When you buy a belt, avoid buying one that is too long.
    • To buy the proper length of belt, you should add 2-3 inches to your waist measurement. If you waist is a 34, you should choose a 36 - 37 size belt.
    • For a nice fitting belt there should only be enough leather left to tuck under the first belt loop.
    • Belts should match your shoes for good fashion styleWhen buckling the belt, the stem of the buckle should fit into the middle hole.
  • Your belt should match your shoes....they both should compliment your suit. If the suit is black, you shouldn't choose a brown belt and pair of shoes.
  • Don't wear cloth belts with formal attire. Leather belts are formal and cloth belts are more casual.
  • Belts for formal occasions should be thinner than belts worn for casual wear. A formal belt shouldn't be any wider than 1 1/2" wide.
  • The belt buckle has its own set of rules:
    • A formal belt buckle is smaller than a casual belt buckle.
    • Themed belt buckles are for casual wearIf you wear cuff links or tie bars, the belt buckle should match their finish - if your cuff links are gold, your belt buckle should be also.
    • Themed belt buckles, such as western wear, should be worn for casual activities.
  • Buy quality belts, not only will they look better, but they will last longer.

Wearing the right belt with your clothing is another one of those small things such as ties, men's jewelry and other accessories that will put the finishing touch on your attire. All these details add up and create your personal fashion style.

As a men's clothier and fashion consultant, I can  advise you not only on style and fit but on the appropriate accessories as well.
I have over two decades experience in the fashion industry,  and I enjoy creating tailored, fashionable, and sophisticated wardrobes and looks that leave great impressions for my clients.

Give me a call for a free consultation, I'll come to you on your time schedule.


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