What in the World is a Haberdasher?

A haberdasher is a men's outfitterHaberdasher...What an interesting word!

Many people have heard the term haberdasher, but don't know what it means. A few people know what a haberdasher is, while a great majority has never even heard of it.

Where have I heard it before?

If you have ever read Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales", you might recognize the term as those who were sellers of small items such as needles, buttons, zips (zippers) and other notions used for constructing clothing.

If you are a haberdasher, and you own a shop for those items, it would be called a Haberdashery.

Another accepted meaning of haberdasher, specifically used in the United States, is a men's outfitter, or someone dealing in men's apparel, which would include suits and accessories.

There are some famous people whose names you may recognize that got their start in life as haberdashers, such as:

  • Harry S. Truman - former United States President - was a haberdasher as a young man.
  • Captain James Cook - a famous British explorer - was a haberdasher apprentice, being trained to take over a haberdashery business.

I am a men's clothier and would also be considered a haberdasher. I am the person you would hire if you wereI am a mens clothier and haberdasher either starting to build, or continuing to build a quality professional wardrobe.

Why would you use a haberdasher/clothier?

As a men's clothier, I am also a consultant who will help you make wardrobe choices that fit your lifestyle, your personality and your body.

If you dislike shopping as much as most men, I can give you a convenient solution - I come to you, wherever you are, whenever your schedule allows. I will bring fabric choices and my measuring tape to insure that your clothes fit you perfectly.

I take pride in building strong relationships with my clients, knowing who they are and what their life is about.

My goal is to help you dress for success and for leaving great and lasting first impressions.

Please read  reviews from some of my clients who have hired me to be their personal haberdasher.

5 Star RatingCustom Clothing at its finest

May 10, 2011 by Justin Mishkin

I have purchased a few suits, ties and shoes from Mr. Hoffer. He was able to custom tailor them to how I like my clothes to fit, match ties to the suits and provide me quality shoes for office ware.I appreciate the timely delivery of the items and the convenient delivery to my office.

5 Star RatingThe Hoffer Way!

Aug 08, 2011 by Charles Grinstein

“I always welcome the opportunity to work with Bill. He is a responsive, creative, and intelligent professional who uses his expertise and knowledge effectively in custom clothing. He brings high quality materials, quick turn-a-round and a fantastic personality — makes for great Haberdasher!


About Bill Hoffer

Bill believes that nothing takes the place of consistency in fit, quality and selection, all of which helps create that important first impression. Don't leave your image to chance...Connect with Bill on Google+
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