Dressing Smart

Dressing Smart and Avoiding Wardrobe Mistakes

Dressing Smart - Wardrobe DesignDressing smart is a term that has been around for many years.

Typically it refers to:

  • Someone who is a well dressed
  • Someone who dresses appropriately for different types of occasions
  • Someone who has a clear understanding of his own personal style

Although dressing smart sounds like just a phrase, it is actually a type of dress code. It is a step up from dressing business casual, but less formal than formal work attire.

Caught somewhere in the middle, it is a well put together look, casual in nature, but still professional. It just looks smart.

What's the difference?

Looking smart is choosing  a casual blazer or sport coat instead of a polo shirt, or a pair of well tailored pants instead of khakis.

It's a smart man who knows how to dress smart for different occasions such as the workplace, business conferences and gatherings, academia, church or school functions. A good first impression - Wardrobe Design

We've said it before and we'll say it again, the first impression you leave is a lasting impression, choosing your wardrobe carefully and how you wear it will make all the difference.

Avoid Not So Smart Choices

  • Ill Fitting Clothes:One of the biggest fashion mistakes that men make is selecting clothing that doesn't fit correctly.
    • If it's too large and baggy, they make the wearer look sloppy.
    • If it's too tight...well let's just say it's very unattractive and unprofessional.
      • Like it or not, if you have gained weight, you should invest in some size appropriate clothing.
    • Avoid pants that are too short.
      • The appropriate length will have 1 break at the top of the shoe.
      • When you sit down, you should never be able to see bare legs.
  • Stained Clothing: If your clothing is stained, save it for working in the yard or painting the house. It should never be worn if you want to make a good impression or if you want to look "smart".
  • Wrinkled Clothing: Leave wrinkled clothes at home, they are not impressive. Well maintained (cleaned and pressed) clothes should always be your choice.
    • If you don't believe in ironing, take your clothes to a cleaner, it's relatively inexpensive and is well worth it.
  • Dirty Shoes: As the last item of clothing you put on when you're dressing, it is not the last item of clothing that is noticed. Scuffed or dirty shoes can ruin your appearance and that lasting impression.
  • Short Sleeves and Ties: Avoid this combination whenever possible, long sleeved shirts are always more professional, especially when a tie is called for.Wear the right colored belt - Wardrobe Design
  • Belts and Socks: Your belt should match the color of your shoes and your socks should match the color of your pants.
  • Tie length: A tie should always hang to the middle of the belt buckle.
  • Colors: Less is more. For a well coordinated outfit, you should limit yourself to 3 complimentary colors.

Dressing smart isn't that difficult - it's really just good common sense. Planning and building a smart wardrobe can help eliminate many fashion faux pas.

As a Men's Clothier and Fashion Consultant, I can help you build that wardrobe. I have been helping men create their professional and personal style for over 22 years.

Nothing makes you look and feel more successful and confident than a well planned wardrobe.

I would be happy to give you a free consultation, you'll look and feel "smarter".


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