Dressing for Success

How Can Dress Bring Success?

Dress for success not in jeansYou know, we hear it time and time again, "Don't judge a book by its cover". But time and time again, we judge others by what they are wearing (right or wrong), and they judge us by what we are wearing.

What would your first thought be of a man who came into an important board meeting dressed in jeans and a T-shirt?

"What was he thinking?

Doesn't he care?

He is so disrespectful!

Who does he think he is?"

Those are thoughts of judgement, and it doesn't matter how brilliant, organized or talented this man is, no one is thinking positive thoughts about him at the moment.

In fact, it may throw a shadow of doubt about him as to whether or not he's as critical to the company as you once thought he was.

How You Dress Matters!

Like it or not, how you dress does matter. There are times when you are only representing yourself, but so many other times you are representing your company and impressions of you are impressions of who you work for.

Always dress for the job you want and the goals you want to achieve.

"We'd all like to be taken for what we'd like to be." ~ Malcolm Forbes

How do you want to appear to others?

Have you ever been to a formal dinner or social event, then, when you returned home and looked in the mirror, part of your salad was still in your teeth? I think this kind of thing has happened to most of us, and if it hasn't happened to you yet...it will.

Someone could have told you about the food in your teeth - but no one did!

The same goes for your clothing. Most people won't take the time or effort to tell you that your dress is not suitable or appropriate. They are busy worrying about the impression their wardrobe is making, and you should be too.

Executives dress for successBuilding an appropriate and professional wardrobe doesn't happen by accident. It takes time, planning and effort. Whether you are a CEO or someone who is striving to be one, dressing for success can make or break your efforts.

As a men's clothier, my biggest goal and greatest pleasure is developing a personal relationship with my clients and helping them build and maintain a wardrobe that will leave great impressions wherever they go.

I keep it simple and save you time by coming to you, on your schedule, making it more convenient.

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