Dress the Part

Do You Want To Be Successful? Dress the Part!

Dress the part for success - Wardrobe DesignWhen you make that first impression, whether it's on a potential employer or a potential client, how do you want to be perceived?

If  you would like to look successful, if you would like to look confident, if you would like to look dependable, then you must dress the part.

It's obvious that how a man dresses and presents himself is very important - it all comes down to style.

What's your style?

Style is something that is developed over time as you consider who you want to be and what you want to do. It's not something that just pops into your mind one morning.

If you think about someone you consider to be well dressed and have great style, you probably won't be able to choose one single item that stands out and defines his style.

Style is an overall "presence" or feeling that surrounds a man that has it. It is a combination of things:

  • Good grooming and a great personal appearance
    • Everything from hair to nails is clean and manicured
  • A well thought out wardrobe
    • Quality, appropriate clothing that fits correctly
    • Clothing that is clean and well maintained
  • Confidence and good self esteem
    • Although a great wardrobe has a tendancy to make a man feel good about himself, without true self-confidence, what the man is dressed in is meaningless.

Dress the part for today

Workplace attire has made several changes in the last few years.

Reminiscent of  Ward Cleaver in the old "Leave it to Beaver" show, it used to be that a professional man would always wear a suit and tie (and a hat) when he went to work. In fact, I was watching an old Casual Friday dress was not professional - Wardrobe Designepisode of "Father Knows Best", and noticed that Jim (the father), even left his suit and tie on when relaxing and reading the paper.

Then a big change occurred and casual Friday was adopted, which allowed jeans to be worn into the office on Fridays. It wasn't long before it was acceptable to wear very casual clothing throughout the rest of the week.

It seems that the pendulum is swinging once again toward the previous direction and business attire is returning to a more professional look.

In my mind this is a good thing, because we have a tendancy to act and perform comparable to how we dress.

John T. Malloy, author of  "Dress for Success", taught that you must  "Dress like a million so you can make a million".

With that said, it really does make sense to dress the part.

I have been in the custom clothing business since 1989 and enjoy helping men create a quality professional style.

I appreciate knowing and working with men who agree that first impressions are important, and who are aware of their appearance in different settings.

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