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Is Your Wardrobe Designed Just For You?

Wardrobe designed for executiveHave you ever been walking down the street, at a meeting or maybe a social function, thinking you look pretty good in your clothing? And then you see someone else dressed exactly like you or wearing the same shirt or pants?

I guess you both shopped at the same place, and your wardrobes have been designed for the same department store.

Your wardrobe makes an impression

As an executive, your image, or the impression you leave behind is valuable and important to your success.

What does your wardrobe say about you to those you meet, want to do business with or want to have an impact on?

Wouldn't you feel more confident knowing that your wardrobe has been designed especially for you?

With a custom designed wardrobe you can expect:

  • Clothes that fityour body type correctly
    • We all have little idiosyncrasies about our body, straight off the rack clothing doesn't account for them, a Medium size shirt is an "in general" size.
  • Quality crafted clothing that is made to wear well, look great and last long.
  • Confidence in your image
  • A great way to set you apart and build your personal brand.

As a Custom Clothier and men's fashion consultant, developing your custom designed wardrobe is my priority.

I will come to you on your time schedule, take accurate measurements for quality, perfect fitting clothes that you will be proud to wear.

Enjoy this video about why I do what I do, and how I can help design your wardrobe.

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About Bill Hoffer

Bill believes that nothing takes the place of consistency in fit, quality and selection, all of which helps create that important first impression. Don't leave your image to chance...Connect with Bill on Google+
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