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Have You Ever Considered a Custom Tailored Shirt?

Custom Tailored ShirtWhen I was young and climbing the corporate ladder, my impression was that custom shirts were only affordable by the “Rich and Famous”.

As it turns out, nothing could be farther from the truth.

People notice and compliment you on how well your custom shirts fit, look and feel - that's great feedback.

When you look at the facts, custom shirts are not necessarily any more expensive than a lot of ready-made shirts.

Locally, Nordstrom's, Barneys and Mario’s, all carry stock shirts between $100 - $200 each. I can show you around 200 different fabrics in custom shirts that retail for between $109 - $209.

Walk into any one store and there may be 40 – 50 different shirts available in your size. Once you choose your collar size and sleeve length, everything else is a standardized measurement in the garment.

With one of my made-to-measure shirts, we take 18 different measurements, including your collar size to the ¼ inch. You truly do have a shirt made just for you. The fit of the shirt waist is one of the most noticed areas of improvement.

What shirt colors are HOT?

  • Blue has replaced white as the most common and versatile solid shirt color. The shades range from very lite to very dark, so it gives you a lot of variety, even just in one color.
  • Helio, or Lavender, is another color that has been in demand over the past five years.
  • Black and gray, in stripes, solids and patterns, have made a significant impact on most wardrobes as well.
  • Ecru or beige provides a soft alternative to white.
  • Pink and yellow are on the “Comeback Trail”.

What about casual looks? Not to disappoint, there are generally 60 – 75 fabrics in checks and tattersols. Styling details play a role in this look.

What style details are there to choose from?

  • Custom Shirts are measured to fit exactlyCollar: There are over 25 different collar styles from narrow to wide spread, straight to curved edge. When you include button-down to banded collar to a formal wing look. It's easy to put a personal touch to the image you want.
  • Cuffs: The barrel cuff is still the most common, but there are at least a dozen unique cuff styles to choose from, including French, 2-button and Convertible (can use with or w/o cuff links).
  • Pocket: For dress shirts, I generally recommend no pockets for a cleaner look. You can do one or two pockets on your casual looks, with or w/o flaps.
  • Tail: Whether it’s square tails or round tails, the length of the shirt is also your decision. Shoulder pleats, box pleats or a smooth yoke all depend on whether it’s a dressy or casual look you want.

What is your perception of custom shirts now?

  • They give you a much better fit.
  • They give you complete control over all the styling details.
  • The selection is far superior to ready-made.
  • It’s more convenient than shopping. I come to you at a time that fits your schedule.

In my  over 18 years working with clients one-on-one, I’ve never seen anyone I’ve made custom shirts for revert back to ready-made shirts. The quality of the construction that goes into it, along with the quality of the fabrics makes it a much better value.

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**originally published 5/2/11

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