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Should You Wear Cuffs on Your Pants?

Should you wear cuffs on your pants?The question of whether to wear cuffs on your pants or not has been around for years.

Many men like them and wear them, and many men don't. So is it just a matter of preference?

As with many other things, I enjoy knowing the history of articles of clothing.

Where did pant cuffs begin?

Dating back to the 1890s, King Edward VII has been given credit for starting the whole idea of cuffs on pants.

Although the creation was an unintentional fashion statement, the king folded up his pants to protect them from dragging in the mud while he was in the country.

Other men, noticing what the king had done, began mimicking him by turning up their own pant legs.

Men of fashion in the 1920s and 1930s were not only wearing cuffs, but were considered classy for doing so. But as WWII drug on, a shortage of fabric made the idea of using extra fabric for pant cuffs seem very unnecessary.

In the 1950s cuffs once again became popular when Marlon Brando rolled up his pants to show his motorcycle boots.

So, originally a cuff was put on a pair of pants to protect them from damage and the wear and tear of everyday use.  Today, not only do they still accomplish that function, but are also considered part of men's fashion.

Along with being fashionable, they do have another functional side to them as well. They add weight to the bottom of the pant, which helps the pant leg and the pleat to hang better.

Can anyone wear cuffs?Who can wear cuffed pants?

Certainly anyone who wants to can wear cuffs on their pants, but it is recommended that shorter men wear pants without cuffs.

Cuffs have a tendancy to make a short man look shorter by breaking up the streamlined look that cuff-less pants can create.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your pants are pleated or flat front. Pleated pants should always have cuffs, whereas flat front pants can go either with or without - it's a matter of preference.

As a men’s clothier and fashion consultant, I can help you make the decision of whether or not to wear cuffs, as well as help you develop a wardrobe that will fit correctly and build your image .

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