Clothes Stains

What Do You Do When Your Clothes Get Stained?

Clothes stains can be hard to removeHas This Ever Happened To You?

You've just finished lunch when you notice that you've spilled salad dressing on your tie. You've got a meeting in an hour, no time to change or replace it - what are you going to do?

What kind of an impression will you make?

The first thing you're not going to do is "wipe" it off. Wiping only smears the spill, blotting will minimize the spread of a stain.

Stains and spills are unavoidable. No matter how careful we try to be, in fact sometimes because of how careful we try to be, we spill.

Our best line of defense is to know how to effectively remove them before it's too late.

Stain removal tips:


  • Rinse in cold water. Blood cannot be removed once a garment has been washed in warm water.


  • Place the garment on a clean white cloth. Dab the stain with another white cloth soaked in alcohol or white vinegar.


  • Allow to dry, then brush. If traces remain, rinse in water mixed with a little vinegar (one spoonful per liter of water).


  • Perfume is very difficult to remove without leaving a ring. Rub with hydrogen peroxide. Note: this may cause colors to fade.¬†Test on a less visible part of the garment first.

Lipstick:Lipstick Stains

  • Apply ether, or diluted hydrogen peroxide.


  • Soak the fabric in milk for several hours, and rinse in cold water.

Felt or Ballpoint Pen:

  • Place the garment on a clean white cloth. Dab the stain with another white cloth soaked in alcohol or white vinegar.


  • Dab with white vinegar.


  • Apply pure glycerin, then rinse with warm water.


  • Hot water or trichloroethylene can be used to dissolve grease.

Chewing Gum:

  • Rub with an ice cube to harden the gum, which can then be removed by breaking it, without damage to the garment.

Fruit:Grapes can stain your clothes

  • Rinse whites in soapy water mixed with a small amount of bleach. For wool and silk, apply lemon juice to the stain, and rinse well.


  • For wool and silk, apply a mixture of warm water and alcohol, then rub With a clean cloth.


  • Cotton: dry-rub with soap, and wash in cold water
    Synthetics: apply lemon juice
    Wool: apply benzene
    Silk: apply warm water

Additional Care Advice for Garments:

  1. Dry cleaning should be used sparingly. Even the finest fabrics will take on that telltale sheen eventually.
  2. Starch is not recommended for your finer cotton shirt fabrics.
  3. Quality garments should not be worn on two consecutive days, and should be placed carefully on a hanger for a day in a well-ventilated room when not being worn.
  4. To remove creases: hang your garment carefully on a hanger, and place it in the bathroom with a hot shower running. The water vapor will remove any creases instantly.

As a Personal Fashion Consultant, my goal is to help you look your successful best! I don't remove stains, but together we can create or enhance a great professional wardrobe.

Give me a call - I come to you, at your convenience.


**originally published 4/22/11

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