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How Do You Choose a Suit?

Choose a Suit - Wardrobe DesignChoosing a suit that is "just right" for you can sometimes be a challenging task.

The choices seem endless; should you choose a 2 or 3 piece suit, what type of fabric should you pick, should it be single or double breasted, what color should the lining be, how should it fit, is there a color that is better than another?

And the list goes on.

Having a suit tailor made just for you is probably the ideal, but whether you buy one off the rack or have one custom made, to make the best choice, you first really need to understand...

"The language of suits" and how they should fit:

  • Types of Suits:
    • Bespoke - which means that the suit has been created totally for the person who will be wearing it, beginning with a custom pattern and several personal fittings.
    • Made to Measure - The pattern for this suit is not custom, but an already existing pattern which can be used for a variety of body measurements.
    • Machine Suit - These are suits that are made in bulk and conform to standard sizes, this suit is not custom.
  • How Should Your Suit Fit? Moving from top to bottom, we'll start at the
    • Shoulders - The shoulder seam should be in alignment with the end of your shoulder.
    • Sleeves -  The sleeves of your suit should be long enough to reach the point where your thumb and wrist meet, but short enough to allow about 1/2" of your shirt cuff showing.
    • Lapels - Lapels are really a matter of choice; your choices are notched, peaked or shawl styles.
    • Arm Opening - Choose a suit jacket with an armhole that is not too low. Believe it or not, a low armhole affects how your jacket moves when you lift or move your arms.
    • Length of Jacket - When you have the jacket on, with your arms at your side, you should be able to cup the bottom of your jacket in the palm of your hand.
    • Suit Pant Length - Wardrobe DesignPant Length - A good rule of thumb is to have a slight break in the front of your pants as they touch your shoe. The back of the pant hem should end between the top of the heel  and the bottom of the heel.

If possible, every man should own a suit, especially if you believe that age old saying "clothes make the man."

As a men's clothier and fashion consultant, it is my pleasure and opportunity to help you  with your suit. I will come to your location, on your schedule. I'll bring my tape measure, and together we'll choose the components and fit for your perfect suit.

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