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Change Your Look, Change Your Life

Change Your Look - Wardrobe DesignWhether you like it or not, how you look matters and can effect your life. We would all like to think that we will be judged and valued on our personality, intelligence, creativity, integrity and other positive character traits, but that's often not the case.

Too often, "our look", is what people see first and last. In other words, they can't get past our appearance to get to our good qualities.

Maybe that doesn't seem right or fair, but it's real.

What people think about appearance

I was reading a forum the other day that asked people how important their look or appearance was. One of the responders commented that a person's appearance determines whether or not you want to approach them.

If that's true, will you get overlooked for a new job, for a job promotion, or as a possible friend?

Another person had tried an experiment where they dressed up like a street person, and they were interested to find how people ignored them, showed open disgust and were less likely to give assistance.

This experiment was probably a bit dramatic, but it does prove the point that how you look counts.

How can you change your look?

  • Part of your look begins with your outlook, a bad attitude shows, and most people will want to avoid it.
  • Get fit. Eating healthy and exercising regularly will not only make you healthier, but will build your confidence.
  • Good Hygiene - Change Your Look - Wardrobe DesignPractice good hygiene. There is nothing that will make people avoid you more than bad breath or dirty hair. Good hygiene and grooming are essential to a great first impression.
  • Improve your wardrobe. Take a good hard look in your closet and see what your wardrobe is saying about you. Is it the message you want to send?
    • Begin by deciding what you want to achieve with your improvements...maybe you want to appear professional and dependable?
    • Commit to who you want to be and how you want to improve.
    • Clean your closet and throw out everything that doesn't fit into your plan.
    • Make sure that all your clothes, new or old, are kept clean, pressed and well-maintained.

Assisting men develop their own personal style is what I do. I have been a men's clothier for over 20 years. I'll come to your location, on your time schedule...I'll bring my tape measure and together we'll create or enhance your style.

If this is your time to change your life by changing your look

Call me for a complimentary consultation.

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Bill believes that nothing takes the place of consistency in fit, quality and selection, all of which helps create that important first impression. Don't leave your image to chance...Connect with Bill on Google+
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