Build Your Style

Is Your Personal Style a Work in Progress?

Are you building your personal style?Who are you?

What do you enjoy?

What do you do?

Who are your heroes?

Where do you like to go?

What are your goals in life?

These and a few other questions help to determine what your personal style is or what it can become.

All men are created, but not necessarily the same. It's doubtful that any two men would answer the above questions identically. Every man is unique, thank goodness! What a boring world it would be if every man thought the same, liked the same things and dressed the same way.

The key to knowing your personal style is really knowing who you are.

Influences for your personal style:

  1. Your body type or physical characteristics
  2. Your preferences
  3. Your environment

Physical Appearance

This is one of the most important things to consider as you design your own personal style.

  • Determine the best colors to wear that compliment your skin tone and hair color.
    • If you are fair, you should avoid wearing colors that over power you, or colors that have extreme contrast to each other. Combinations such as this are distracting, and put all of the focus on the color and not on you.
    • Just the opposite would be true for the darker skinned and dark haired person, deep bold colors enhance your personal Your style should compliment your sizecoloring.
  • Wear clothing that compliments your size.
    • Larger mean should avoid bulky clothing, broad, horizontal stripes and plaids.
    • Tall men balance their height by wearing cuffs on their pants.
    • A thin man can add "weight" by wearing double breasted jackets, plaids and checks.


Your personal preferences should help determine your style.You can decide how you want to appear to others. Do you want to appear authoritative, charming, friendly or intelligent?

Color and accessories play an important part in this influence. You can liven up your appearance or calm it down through these choices.


Build your style around your work environmentWhere you live, where you work, the places you like to go all contribute to building your style.

  • If you live and work in a warm climate, temperature and humidity will dictate the types of fabric you choose for your clothing.
  • Your work environment also dictates the type of clothing you will wear.
    • If you work in a conservative job, such as a bank, you will need to wear more conservative clothing, whereas other types of work will allow for a more casual style.

Your choice of fabrics, prints, colors and accessories will enable you to make your wardrobe versatile and personal. If you need to wear a suit every day, there is no need to always look the same. Change it up!

You should enjoy building and wearing your style.

As a Men's Clothier and Fashion Consultant, I enjoy helping my clients create and build their own personal style. I will come to your location, and bring my fabric samples, tape measure and knowledge of fashion to you on your schedule.

Call me for a free consultation!





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